​The PRO Consortium’s Myelofibrosis Working Group was established to review existing myelofibrosis
symptom questionnaires and work with other stakeholders to form a panel to develop a harmonized,
consensus-based PRO measure for use in future myelofibrosis trials. The harmonization panel focused
on the seven core symptoms of myelofibrosis: fatigue, night sweats, pruritus, abdominal discomfort,
pain under the ribs on the left side, early satiety, and bone pain. This effort resulted in the consensus-
based Myelofibrosis Symptom Assessment Form version 4.0 (MFSAF v4.0). The MFSAF v4.0 is available as:


RWS Life Sciences

Licensing fees are assessed on a per trial/per measure basis for commercial use.​

  • ​PRO Consortium Member Firms:

    • First Language​                                                                                           $1000 USD

    • Each Additional/Available Language                                                        $500 USD

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    • Each Additional/Available Language                                                      $2000 USD


Non-commercial use is assessed on a case-by-case basis for appropriateness and applicability.

To license an available version of the MFSAF v4.0, please complete the licensing form. All of the information provided in the form will be kept strictly confidential. For questions about the measure, please contact us.


Gwaltney C, Paty J, Kwitkowski VE, Mesa RA, Dueck AC, Papadopoulos EJ, Wang L, Feliciano J, Coons SJ. Development of a harmonized patient-reported outcome questionnaire to assess myelofibrosis symptoms in clinical trials. Leukemia Research 2017;59:26-31.