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Critical Path Institute's Patient-Reported Outcome Consortium


The mission of the PRO Consortium is to establish and maintain a collaborative framework with appropriate stakeholders for the qualification of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures and other clinical outcome assessment (COA) tools that will be publicly available for use in clinical trials where COA-based endpoints are used to support product labeling claims.


On this site, you will find information regarding available measures covering different therapeutic areas.  Details about each measure, including target populations, measurement descriptions, translations and licensing requirements, can be accessed through our measures page.  


Licensing fees are assessed on a per trial/per measure basis for commercial use.​

  • ​PRO Consortium Member Firms:

    • First Language​                                                                                           $1000 USD

    • Each Additional/Available Language                                                        $500 USD

  • Non-Member Organizations​

    • First Language​                                                                                          $4000 USD

    • Each Additional/Available Language                                                      $2000 USD


Non-commercial use is assessed on a case-by-case basis for appropriateness and applicability.


To license a measure, please complete our licensing form.  All of the information provided in the form will be kept strictly confidential.  For questions, please contact us.

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